PhD or early career researcher? Have a look on these opportunities and Toolkits

  • Are you a PhD or early career researcher thinking ahead to a career move outside of academia?
    • have a look on this ebook “10 Career Paths for Phds".
    • This ebook mainly focuses on the middle strand of the diagram but remember that you can also make a complete change and move into careers unrelated to your PhD or academic background. You can also explore options that could enable you to remain in academia but in roles other than research.”


  • Are you looking on the different types of job opportunities open to researchers? In Europe or Outside Europe?
    • You can have a look on the websites of Euraxess and ProfessorPositions for research positions on this page


  • Are you a post-doctoral researchers who have gained one to two years experience in academic research?  You may be at a point at which you are considering your overall career progress and development in academia or be contemplating a career change ?
    • This "Career Development Toolkit for Researchers" can help you ! This toolkit offers some general starting points for those wanting to reflect on their career to date and to begin to formulate an ongoing career strategy.

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